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We’re more than just a stock photo of a group of random people…

… even though that is exactly what you are looking at.


When you partner with simplyCDPAP,  you get:

A team that is in constant communication with caregivers across New York through various channels. We keep our ears open to the voice of the caregivers to best support them.

Partnership. We work with fiscal intermediaries who have a genuine interest in the hearts and lives of the caregivers and patients who they support.

Growth through direct caregiver and patient interest. Our site is custom tailored to caregivers and the patients they support, helping ensure growth of partnered agencies.

Partnership FAQs

Is there a contract?

Nope. No long term commitment required.

How does it work?

All leads are pre-paid, meaning you log in and buy the leads you want with credits you purchase. Buy 100 credits, use 20 now and the rest another time.

Are the leads exclusive?

No. Exclusive lead partnership is something we can provide if you are interested.

What if the leads are bad?

Anyone who has ever generated leads in the past know that leads from websites are never 100% perfect. We are continously updating our lead forms to best protect lead integrity. We also audit leads as we can to remove bunk leads.

What if the lead is already with my agency?

Then it is worth the money to find out who it is! Customer retention is a much cheaper investment than customer acquisition.

Why aren't my leads converting?

A few things cause this:

  • Caregivers are looking for the agency that is going to pay them the “best” for the work they do. If you are paying minimum wage or just above, your conversions will suffer. Pay more, get more.
  • If you are waiting days to call leads, you are already behind the curve. Establish a stronger lead qualification process.
  • Bring on stronger marketing and sales talent who understand the market and what the people want. Listen to them and make the changes you need to make to grow your agency.

Ready to grow your CDPAP agency? Sign up below. (We only offer 3 partnerships at any given time.)

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