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Highest Paying CDPAP Agencies In New York

You might be in the process of hiring a family member or friend as CDPAP caregiver, but you still want to make sure they get paid well for their efforts. The best way is by choosing one of the highest paying CDPAP agencies- a financial intermediary that works between yourself and Medicaid so that agreement can be met on both ends while distributing funds properly!

Not every CDPAP agency pays the same. Some offer benefits and overtime, others may not. At the end of the day, caregivers want to be paid the most for their service AND paid on time.

What good is being with the highest paying CDPAP agencies if you never get fully paid or they take weeks to correct their mistakes? In this article, we are going to review the highest paying CDPAP agencies in New York, broken down by NYC, Long Island, and Buffalo (the largest markets supported by CDPAP).

Our Methodology

simplyCDPAP initiated a research project to determine who the highest paying CDPAP agency was not only in the entire state of New York, but also in the three major markets for CDPAP.

We called 46 of the largest and most predominant CDPAP agencies in June of 2022 to see what the rates for caregivers were for Buffalo, NYC, and Nassau county. We used scenarios where the CDPAP patient had Fidelis as the plan and residing in these areas. All data displayed was provided directly by a representative of that particular agency and rates may vary. Some agencies opted to not answer the phone or return messages, which we have no control over.

Not every CDPAP agency freely offered this information, which we found concerning as CDPAP is a Medicaid-funded program and preventing access to pay rates for caregivers limits the information the patient would need to make a fully informed decision on which agency to enroll with.

Why Is This Important?

According to current research on patient care, almost 80% of all long-term care is provided by friends and families of the patient. Friends and family members invest anywhere from 25 to 40 hours a week in direct patient care, often without pay.

Currently, the CDPAP program in New York offers Medicaid patients the ability to hire their friends and family members to be their caregiver if there is proof of medical need. This allows these caregivers the ability to be paid; however, given the recent increase in CDPAP agencies (Fiscal Intermediaries) the pay rates often vary across the state and across CDPAP agencies.

Before simplyCDPAP, caregivers and patients had to spend hours calling dozens of agencies to find the one that will pay their caregiver the most for the hours they work. In some cases, these agencies also end up paying at or below minimum wage. Out of frustration and just wanting to get the enrollment process started, patients and caregivers make the decision based on limited information. With simplyCDPAP, we make the CDPAP shopping easier for everyone.

Who are the highest paying CDPAP agencies in the State of New York?

While CDPAP is offered in every county of New York, not every CDPAP agency supports the entire state.

Of the 46 agencies we reviewed, only a handful offered coverage upstate and downstate. While the minimum wage in NY is $13.20/hr, we did discover some agencies paying less than minimum wage for CDPAP caregivers which was concerning.

Lowest Recorded Wage For NY

Average Recorded Wage For NY

Highest Recorded Wage For NY

Who are the highest paying CDPAP agencies in NYC?

Of all the areas in New York, NYC has the highest pay for CDPAP caregivers on average. While many are above minimum wage, a large portion of CDPAP agencies operating in NYC are paying at or below minimum wage.

Lowest Recorded Wage For NYC

Average Recorded Wage For NYC

Highest Recorded Wage For NYC

Who are the highest paying CDPAP agencies in Long Island?

For Long Island, the minimum wage is $15.00/hr per the State of New York Department of Labor. In reviewing current CDPAP pay rates for Long Island, we numerous CDPAP agencies pay at or well below current minimum wage rates based on our data collection for Nassau county.

The fact that the average pay rate for CDPAP caregivers is less than the state minimum wage is a cause for concern for all caregivers in that area.

We strongly encourage all CDPAP caregivers making less than the minimum wage to enroll in a new CDPAP agency or notify the State of New York Department of Labor.

Lowest Recorded Wage For LI

Average Recorded Wage For LI

Highest Recorded Wage For LI

Caregivers Give The Most… Shouldn’t They Also Get Paid The Most?

Who are the highest paying CDPAP agencies in Buffalo?

Pay rates in Buffalo are usually always lower than New York City and the surrounding areas. According to the New York Department of Labor and labor lawyers, the minimum wage for Buffalo is $13.20/hr (fast food workers make $15.00).

Unfortunately, after reviewing multiple CDPAP agencies and their pay rates for Buffalo, we have found that a few fiscal intermediaries are stating they still pay less than the $13.20 minimum wage.

While this may be human error on the part of the agency in question, we are left with no recourse but to accept that as the correct pay rate.

Lowest Recorded Wage For Buffalo

Average Recorded Wage For Buffalo

Highest Recorded Wage For Buffalo


Finding the highest paying CDPAP agency in New York can be a long and exhausting task. With dozens of agencies across New York City, Long Island, and Upstate, finding the one that pays the most takes a significant investment of time and patience.

If you or someone you know is making less that $15/hr to provide care for a family member or loved one, please shop around for a new agency and find one that is willing to pay higher rates.

Disclaimer: This data has been sourced using independent market researchers and all the data collected is via secret shopping of over 46 different CDPAP agencies in New York. Discrepancies in these data points are due to information we receive from representatives of that agency. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

Any errors to this data can be addressed by sending an email to and we will make changes at our earliest available moment.

FTC Disclaimer: might receive compensation for any purchases made via links on our site. This is how we keep the website operational and are able to fund and source information you find on this website.

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