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Address: 1979 Marcus Ave., Suite C115, New Hyde Park, NY 11042


CEO: Yoel Gabay

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simplyCDPAP Rating: Average

Company Overview:

FreedomCare appears to be a pretty decent company with some longstanding issues. When it comes to CDPAP, you cannot miss their invasive ads and jingles all over New York.

Not only is pay rate on the lower to average side of the rates across New York for CDPAP, concerns expressed in reviews about caregivers being paid accurately and on-time span for years. This leads us to believe that, while the marketing strategy is well funded, the paying of the caregivers could use some attention per their reviews.

Communication with FreedomCare once you sign up also is a concern that is raised often by unhappy customers, however this seems to a common concern in the bulk of the CDPAP industry.

FreedomCare Snapshot

  • Payrate 50% 50%
  • Google Reviews 75% 75%
  • BBB Reviews/Complaints 50% 50%
  • Legal/Lawsuits 25% 25%
  • Glassdoor Reviews 75% 75%

Disclaimer: This data has been sourced using independent market researchers and all the data collected is via secret shopping of over 46 different CDPAP agencies in New York. Discrepancies in these data points are due to information we receive from representatives of that agency. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

Any errors to this data can be addressed by sending an email to and we will make changes at our earliest available moment.

FTC Disclaimer: might receive compensation for any purchases made via links on our site. This is how we keep the website operational and are able to fund and source information you find on this website.

How much does FreedomCare pay CDPAP careivers?

New York City

Long Island


Currently, FreedomCare excels at paying minimum wage for CDPAP caregivers throughout most of the state.

simplyCDPAP called 46 of the largest and most predominant CDPAP agencies in June of 2022 to see what the rates for caregivers were for Buffalo, NYC, and Nassau county. We used scenarios where the CDPAP patient had Fidelis as the plan and residing in these areas. All data displayed was provided directly by a representative of that particular agency and rates may vary. Some agencies opted to not answer the phone or return messages, which we have no control over.

What does FreedomCare reviews say?

google logo
BBB logo
glassdoor reviews

Good At:

Providing options and benefits for both patients and caregivers while providing a phone based app for tracking time a caregiver works

Not So Good At:

Much of the negative surrounds not being able to get someone on the phone, not getting calls back, and multiple reviews about pay being short or not getting any pay.

Similar to Google reviews. Multiple complaints about pay and customer service never answering the phones. Getting in touch with people seems to be a major issue once you are signed up with this agency.

While caregivers seem to hold FreedomCare in high regard (even while voicing similar issues noted in Google reviews about getting paid accurately/on time and issues with reps answering the phones), those who work inside the company are the ones with the lowest positive sentiment of the company. Many express concerns of being overworked, under paid, and not supported by their management team.

Legal Issues/Lawsuits

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What is FreedomCare?

As one of the biggest players in the CDPAP market, FreedomCare has grown from a tiny operation to a multi-state Medicaid-funded provider of fiscal intermediary services in a short number of years. Based on their website, they have recently expanded into states like Nevada, Missouri, and Pennsylvania to provide these services to the Medicaid populations there.

Unlike some of the other national brands, they don’t focus on HHA or home nursing as a way to make money. Instead, the focus is on providing CDPAP services (or the equivalent) to those who are in the Medicaid markets.

Does FreedomCare pay their caregivers well?

Not really. Based on the data we compiled to compare the caregiver pay of 46 of the biggest names in CDPAP to determine the highest paying CDPAP agency, FreedomCare came in very much in the middle of the pack. In some areas, they are paying up to $4/hr less than the top competitor, which is a fairly significant amount if someone is working 30-40 hours a week caring for a loved one.

Another thing to keep in mind is it seems that they offer an attractive benefits package to people around New York City, but fail to provide the same benefits to caregivers in the northern part of the state where the pay is less than fast food minimum wage. Some caregivers have brought this up in reviews or in social media, which seems to leave a sour taste in some people’s mouths.

Why would I choose FreedomCare?

If you look at everything we reviewed, they aren’t the worst option by far. However, the issues we see expressed in reviews and inside social media makes us raise an eyebrow. Could they be better? Of course. Could they be worse? Absolutely.

They have some perks for those in the NYC area, but it is pretty bare bones outside of that.

If pay isn’t a concern, it isn’t a bad option and you will probably have a decent experience with the agency compared to some of the others we reviewed.

How big is FreedomCare?

FreedomCare’s marketing presence is probably what separates the company from some of the other agencies that are competing for CDPAP cases. They also seem to have offices all over the state, but some customers report that no one is ever at the these offices, so we aren’t sure if they are actually functioning offices or, since COVID forced so many to work from home, just placeholders for future expansion.

Regardless, FreedomCare boasts serving thousands upon thousands of people in New York for CDPAP services and covers the entire state.

Is FreedomCare the best CDPAP agency?

Based on our review of literally thousands of customer reviews, FreedomCare is for the most part a decent option. While they have the most reviews of any CDPAP agency in New York, quantity does not always reflect quality.

When you sit down and dig into some of the not so amazing reviews (as we have with so many CDPAP agencies over the past few months), some common elements tend to stick out.

While you most likely will have a satisfactory experience overall, you might run into issues if:

  • You like to get paid on time

    Getting paid correctly and on time is not a FreedomCare specific issue as we have seen. Over 60% of the companies we are evaluating has some sort of issue with simply paying employees on time.

    That said, there are numerous complaints on both Google and Facebook surrounding their inability to ensure people are paid correctly at times AND if you require back pay, you could be waiting weeks to get it.

    Again, this is not an issue solely owned by FreedomCare, but the sheer volume of reviews mentioning issues with pay is something to be aware of. If pay is not that big of a deal, then you should be good.

  • You don’t like facial recognition on apps

    This is a very unique one to call out. While it doesn’t seem to be “required”, they have an app that utilizes facial recognition to “combat Medicaid fraud” (based on some responses from the company on Facebook). That said, both CDPAP patients and caregivers don’t sing the praises of this feature in the reviews, instead the exact opposite happens when they can’t log hours on time because the app won’t let them log in.

    Even some patients have made mention that they hate having to be woken up to have their picture taken so the CDPAP caregiver can start their day. We really cannot blame them either because honestly, who wants to be woken up to take a selfie?

    Based on the some of the comments out there, if the app doesn’t work for the patient or caregiver, then they have to call and talk to a rep. Which leads us to the big issue…

  • You like being able to get someone on the phone

    This, by a massive margin, is the biggest complaint you see everywhere about FreedomCare. You see it in other CDPAP agency reviews, but not in the volume you see spanning years.

    Not only are complaints that you cannot get someone to answer the phone when you call everywhere, it also reflects that returning voicemails is not always something FreedomCare excels in either. To be fair, many agencies in New York struggle with this so it isn’t solely a FreedomCare thing.

    Ironically, if your pay is wrong or you cannot log into the app because of the facial recognition isn’t working right, you have to call in. Then, they may not answer and it could take hours or days to return your call, then it could take even more time to get the issue you are calling about fixed.

They do have quite the infectious jingle though, which might make up for all the other issues you see around the web.

Is FreedomCare better than Edison Home Health?

After digging deeper into Edison Home Health and reading up on the issues that have plagued the company for years (click the link to see what we are talking about), we aren’t super excited with what Edison brings to the market.

Also, the pay Edison offers is a little less than what FreedomCare offers CDPAP caregivers based on our research. With all of that information, we feel FreedomCare is a much better option.

Is FreedomCare better than Burd Home Health?

After spending hours researching and reading up on Burd Home Health, we really like what this company is doing in the marketplace. Industry insiders tell us that they are technology focused, much like FreedomCare and offer some amazing customer service.

If FreedomCare was the hardcore, bad boy of the CDPAP world, Burd Home Health would be like that quiet little friend off to the side, learning from the mistakes of others. Based on our data from June 2022, Burd pays a little bit more than FreedomCare and has absolutely stellar reviews from customers.

Your call here, but you probably might lean more toward Burd Home Health.

Is FreedomCare better than Elara?

Elara (Allen Home Health) is a “recent” acquisition in the market. We say recent because the only real branding that changed was the website being forwarded to Elara, so we assume that the complete merger will happen in the review realm at some point.

But after reading some of Allen’s reviews, Elara may not be adding those into their brand. Smart choice as they were not the greatest.

Elara is one of the nationwide brands who provide nursing and home health across the country with CDPAP in New York being a “side hustle” for them. That said, even their reviews are heavily skewed toward their home health and nursing options in general so it makes it hard to figure out what part of the business people are complaining about the most.

Overall, their reviews aren’t “horrible”. Very standard and run of the mill overall and nothing stood out as a massive issue (like numerous people not getting paid).

Compared to FreedomCare, one thing stands out the most: pay. Instead of penny pinching based on where the patient lives in the state, Elara pays CDPAP caregivers $19/hr across the entire state. You live in Buffalo, you get $19/hr. You live in Manhattan, you get $19/hr. Everyone gets $19/hr.

Sounds too good to be true? This is coming from Debbie at Elara, so it should be legit.

Overall, Elara works out to be the winner here. Not only do they pay great for CDPAP, they also provide access to career growth if someone wants to expand their careers into more of a patient care focus.

Is FreedomCare better than All Heart Homecare?

Like Burd, we have a great appreciation for what All Heart Homecare is doing in the CDPAP industry. Instead of churning thousands of dollars into mass marketing and cutting costs on caregivers, they offer some of the highest rates for CDPAP in NYC and Long Island.

All Heart currently beats out on pay, even inside FreedomCare’s own backyard of Long Island. Caregiver rates in NYC and Long Island are reporting to be roughly $2-$3 more per hour than what FreedomCare offers currently.

I think we know who the winner here is.

Is FreedomCare better than All Heart Homecare?

Founded in Long Island with a heartfelt mission and an ear worm of a jingle, FreedomCare has effectively carved out a name for itself inside the multi-state CDPAP industry.

Not only in New York, but throughout more and more states, the masses of unsuspecting Medicaid patients will have no choice but to succumb to the buttery smooth and infectious sounds of FreedomCare’s anthem to the masses as if Barry White himself was beckoning them into the next room.

While the marketing game is strong, more and more customers are beginning to call out the fact that “minor things” like low caregiver pay rates, issues with people getting paid correctly and on time, as well as having members of their customer service team answering the phones could stand in their way of advancing to complete domination of this multi-million dollar industry.

Is FreedomCare a good option to call home for CDPAP? It is. Are there better options who may value the sacrifice of CDPAP caregivers more? For certain.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but when every dollar counts, you might be best suited elsewhere for the time being.

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