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Edison Home Health Care

Address: 946 McDonald Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11218

Website: https://edisonhhc.com/

CEO: Eli Segel


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simplyCDPAP Rating: Not Recommended

Company Overview:

For Edison Home Health, simplyCDPAP advises caution when using them for CDPAP services.

Not only is pay rate on the lower side of the rates across New York for CDPAP, concerns expressed in reviews and some of the legal issues this company has faced is a enough for us to urge caution to potential patients and caregivers.

Edison Home Health, also known as CDPAPny.org, is one of the best known names in the CDPAP industry and also offers HHA services throughout much of the state.

Edison Snapshot

  • Payrate 25% 25%
  • Google Reviews 50% 50%
  • BBB Reviews/Complaints 50% 50%
  • Legal/Lawsuits 90% 90%
  • Glassdoor Reviews 50% 50%

Disclaimer: This data has been sourced using independent market researchers and all the data collected is via secret shopping of over 46 different CDPAP agencies in New York. Discrepancies in these data points are due to information we receive from representatives of that agency. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

Any errors to this data can be addressed by sending an email to feedback@simplyCDPAP.com and we will make changes at our earliest available moment.

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How much does Edison Home Health pay CDPAP careivers?

New York City

Long Island


Edison Home Health ranks as one of the lowest paying CDPAP agencies in NYC, Long Island, and Buffalo. In Buffalo specifically, the rate quoted to simplyCDPAP of $13/hr is currently below the state of New York minimum wage.

What does Edison Home Health reviews say?

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glassdoor reviews

Good At:

Recent reviews talk about how great a particular one of their sales representatives are in multiple different reviews. Sales process seems greatly appreciated.

Not So Good At:

Multiple concerns regarding low pay and rudeness of staff, including management dating back a number of years.

No reviews on BBB, but there is a compliant filed 1/2021 regarding misleading information that has gone unanswered from the company.

Like with many other agencies in the CDPAP space, Edison seems to struggle with caregiver pay and communication. While there were some people calling out positives, much of the concerns expressed by employees surround communication and pay rate being low.

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