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Burd Home Health

Address: 274 N Goodman St Ste A403 Rochester, NY 14607-1182

Website: https://www.burdhomehealth.com/

CEO: Adam Burdick

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simplyCDPAP Rating: Highly Recommended

Company Overview:

With Burd Home Health, it was very hard to find anything really to critique. The pay rate is average for the area they cover in Upstate New York (could be higher), but the reviews of this company stand out head and shoulders above much of the competition.

There is not one negative review across the three review centers we analyzed, which is quite shocking.

Burd Home Health has been playing a long game, paying higher than most of the competitors in Buffalo and enrolling patients and caregivers who leave other CDPAP agencies because of pay or service concerns while ensuring customer relationship excellence.

Burd Home Health Snapshot

  • Payrate 75% 75%
  • Google Reviews 100% 100%
  • BBB Reviews/Complaints 100% 100%
  • Legal/Lawsuits 0% 0%
  • Glassdoor Reviews 100% 100%

Disclaimer: This data has been sourced using independent market researchers and all the data collected is via secret shopping of over 46 different CDPAP agencies in New York. Discrepancies in these data points are due to information we receive from representatives of that agency. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

Any errors to this data can be addressed by sending an email to feedback@simplyCDPAP.com and we will make changes at our earliest available moment.

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How much does Burd Home Health pay CDPAP caregivers?

New York City

Long Island


Burd Home Health pays above average for the Buffalo area when it comes to CDPAP. Caregivers seem to be content with the pay and the service they get from this agency as pay rate is never mentioned inside any reviews.

simplyCDPAP called 46 of the largest and most predominant CDPAP agencies in June of 2022 to see what the rates for caregivers were for Buffalo, NYC, and Nassau county. We used scenarios where the CDPAP patient had Fidelis as the plan and residing in these areas. All data displayed was provided directly by a representative of that particular agency and rates may vary. Some agencies opted to not answer the phone or return messages, which we have no control over.

What does Burd Home Health reviews say?

google logo
BBB logo
glassdoor reviews

Good At:

Patients and caregivers both hold Burd Home Health in very high regard. 93 reviews, all 5 stars.

Not So Good At:

No negative reviews.

Similar to Google reviews. Burd Home Health has all 5-star reviews with the BBB.

Not one negative review inside Glassdoor. While they do not have a large number of reviews, the ones they have are completely positive.

Legal Issues/Lawsuits


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