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Bhrags Home Care

Address: 9805 Foster Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11236


CEO: Roberto Samedy

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simplyCDPAP Rating: Not Recommended

Company Overview:

Bhrags Home Care and their pay rate is a cause for concern and simplyCDPAP stresses caution when working with this agency.

Upon contacting the agency, we were informed that pay rates for various parts of New York ranges from $10-$15/hr, drastically below New York’s minimum wage for most of the state.

While we are hoping that this is an error on the part of the agency (we contacted this agency 3 times to confirm pay rates) and the reps answering the phone, we are reluctant to recommend this agency regardless of how good any reviews may be.

We encourage all CDPAP caregivers to seek out some of the other options on this site to work with as Bhrags is often $5+ less in pay than the competition.

Bhrags Home Care Snapshot

  • Payrate 10% 10%
  • Google Reviews 50% 50%
  • BBB Reviews/Complaints 0% 0%
  • Legal/Lawsuits 50% 50%
  • Glassdoor Reviews 0% 0%

Disclaimer: This data has been sourced using independent market researchers and all the data collected is via secret shopping of over 46 different CDPAP agencies in New York. Discrepancies in these data points are due to information we receive from representatives of that agency. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

Any errors to this data can be addressed by sending an email to and we will make changes at our earliest available moment.

FTC Disclaimer: might receive compensation for any purchases made via links on our site. This is how we keep the website operational and are able to fund and source information you find on this website.

How much does Bhrags Home Care pay CDPAP caregivers?

New York City

Long Island


Bhrags Home Care is the lowest paying agency that we reviewed inside New York. We STRONGLY encourage CDPAP caregivers seek employment at a different agency. If this was an error on the part of the agency reps giving the wrong information to our secret shoppers, we will happily change this review.

simplyCDPAP called 46 of the largest and most predominant CDPAP agencies in June of 2022 to see what the rates for caregivers were for Buffalo, NYC, and Nassau county. We used scenarios where the CDPAP patient had Fidelis as the plan and residing in these areas. All data displayed was provided directly by a representative of that particular agency and rates may vary. Some agencies opted to not answer the phone or return messages, which we have no control over.

What does Bhrags Home Care reviews say?

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Good At:

Total of 6 reviews, most without any comments.

Not So Good At:

Total of 6 reviews, most without any comments

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No reviews.

Legal Issues/Lawsuits

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