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What Is CDPAP?

In the state of New York, anyone who has Medicaid (not Medicare only… Medicaid is required) who may need nursing home level of care has the option to be cared for by someone they choose to provide them care. Through the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), chronically sick or disabled people can hire friends, family members, loved ones, or just about anyone they want to assist them daily living activities.

CDPAP caregiver pushing patient
CDPAP patient being held in hands


There are three major reasons why CDPAP is the best option for the majority of Medicaid patients:


  • Patient Choice and Safety: Patients are empowered to have a higher quality of life being cared for by someone they know and trust in their own home instead of going into a nursing home or other institution.
  • Job Creation: For each caregiver hired, another job is created. This helps prevent and reduce chronic poverty we see in society.
  • Taxpayer Savings: Nursing homes cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a year for each patient admitted where CDPAP costs taxpayers only a fraction of that.

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